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GolfersTrunk is dedicated to helping players of all skill levels get fitted for golf equipment that is best suited for their games. It starts with an analysis of a player’s swing and the amount of club head speed they are generating. This data driven synopsis helps GolfersTrunk to determine which is the best weight, flex and length of golf shafts that produce the ultimate ball flight for each player. From there, finding the right set of irons and woods based on one’s skill set will get each player ready to play their best golf.

Steve Brewer: PGA Director of Instruction at Dubsdread Golf Course, Orlando, FL

Steve has been the Director of Instruction of the Dubsdread Golf Leaning Center since 2008.   Dubsdread Golf Learning Center is recognized as one of the premier Learning Centers in the Central Florida region.  Steve is a PGA member with over 20 years of golf and teaching experience. Steve was awarded the 2016 ECC – North Florida PGA Player Development Award.

Steve’s passion for the game of golf and his mission to attract new players to the game, as well as help established players improve their game; has led him to create an instructional program that covers all aspects of the game.

Jeff Riley, Director of Instruction at The Bad Dog Driving Range, Orlando, FL

Jeff Riley has been the mainstay golf teaching professional at the Bad Dog Driving Range in east Orlando for over 20 years.

Jeff brings excitement and enthusiasm to teaching players of all skill sets to improve their golf games. He especially helps beginner to intermediate players learn how to practice, and be productive each time they head to the driving range.

He works with better players to fine tune their games to be more competitive in tournament play. Jeff works with Lewis Gagne, a member of the men’s professional Asian Tour. Gange, under the tutelage of Mr. Riley was the low amateur in the United States Open Golf Championship in 2017.

Jeff is a former collegiate player, and made a living on the mini tours throughout his playing days as a golf professional. Jeff was such a sound professional player that he qualified for two PGA Tour events!

Lessons with Jeff start at $60 per hour, and students can get a series of 5 lessons for $240.00.

Bad Dog Driving Range is located directly across the entrance of Ventura Golf Club. Bad Dog is an all-turf grass driving range.

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