Mizuno Custom Fitting For Irons

Mizuno Custom Fitting For Irons

Mizuno has long been a leader in custom fitting for good reason. Not only is the Mizuno Performance Fitting System the quickest and most accurate system in the game of golf, but it also offers something that no other fitting system can offer, the revolutionary Shaft Optimizer.

In just a few swings, the Shaft Optimizer records five critical data points that make up your unique “Swing DNA” to quickly and easily identifying the perfect shaft, shaft flex, iron model, and set make-up that can immediately help you play better.

The Shaft Optimizer checks your club head speed, tempo, toe down, kick angle and release factor. These are crucial elements to know when getting fit for any player’s iron game.

Golfers Trunk – Mizuno Performance Fitting System

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John Maloney is an authorized fitter of the Mizuno Golf Performance Fitting System. If you live in the Central Florida market give him a call to make an appointment for a fitting for your new irons. There are over 42 different shafts that go with the Mizuno Fitting System so getting the right one for you will be a key element in the performance of your clubs.

John can be reached directly at (407) 230-0734

"Matching golfers to the right kind shaft can add 10-30 yards to every iron in the bag and improve shot dispersion. To maximize performance on the course, you need to be playing with clubs custom built to fit your unique swing perfectly."....John Maloney
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