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The correct lie angle on your irons can simply lead to better scoring.

Having the correct lie angle on your irons can lead to better golf. When the iron head is making flush contact with the golf ball the result will be more shots on line and more consistent play.

If you are experiencing pulled shots to the left your irons may be set to Flat for your point of attack. If you are blocking shots to the right your irons may be to upright for you.

Most irons sets can be adjusted with our state of the art Mitchell Lie and Loft machine. It’s a great device that delivers accuracy to ¼ of degree of loft or lie. No more digging into the turf with the toes or heels of those irons. Get the Lie and Lofts of the irons adjusted for a better iron game on the course. can meet with you personally to fit your set of irons properly to your swing and then make adjustments. Call us or drop an email to set up an appointment.



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A Mitchell Lie and Loft Machine Will

  • Accurately Measures & Bends Loft/Lie Angles
  • We can Set Angles Within 1/4 Degrees
  • Clamps All Iron Heads Quickly
  • Easily Bends 17-4 & 431 Stainless Steel
  • Clamps Wide Top Line Irons
  • Adjust A Full Set Of Irons In 15 Minutes Or Less
  • Clamps Any Sole Radius
The correct lie angle on your irons lead to better scoring
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