Driver Fittings

Driver Fittings

Ever wondered what the distances were for each iron you use? How about if the loft of your driver is right for your game? can fit each player with the new state of the art Ernest Sports ES 14 portable launch monitor. Ernest Sports revolutionizes the game with a great new tool for serious golfers.

The ES14 delivers critical data instantly – easily and affordably. The ES14 puts the power of creative technology and delivers critical information to improve any golfer’s game including:

Ball speed

Smash factor

Spin rate and distance.

Club head speed

Launch angle

The ES14 provides instant audible feedback on the driving range.

All fitting from GolfersTrunk are completed at an outdoor driving range so you can see the results of your shots. No indoor fitting where there is still guesswork being done.

All information from your Ball Striking Analysis will be saved and sent in an email in order for you to better analyze the data from the hitting session.

Schedule an appointment today and get your game going on track with golf data unlike any other. Call or email us today.

Hitting sessions take less than an hour and cost starts at $50.

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