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John Maloney has been in the golf business for over 30 years and has been operating since 2014. His golf retail career began with Edwin Watts Golf Shops where he learned the skills of delivering the ultimate in customer service and professionalism to his clientele.

Top 100 Golf Club Fitters for 2018

Distinguished as one of the Top 100 Golf Club Fitters for 2018.
We thank all of our customers and support from Mizuno to make us a success.

Mizuno OMOI putter

The new M.CRAFT OMOI putter introduces heavyweight stability to Mizuno’s forged putter line-up – renowned for its precise looks and feel

Mizuno PRO 225 irons

The Mizuno Pro 245 iron is measurably quicker again from the face than the Mizuno Pro 243 but also easier to launch – due to a complex hollow body construction and internally suspended Tungsten weight.

Mizuno PRO 243 irons

The Mizuno Pro 243 iron is a manufacturing masterpiece – more compact and precise than its predecessor, yet faster from the face and more satisfying at impact.

Mizuno ST Max Driver

The Mizuno ST MAX driver offers a low profile, wide footprint driver that looks noticeably larger than its measured 460cc.This club delivers unbelievable distance and forgiveness.

SURESHOT Range Finders, PINLOC 6000iPM

See the complete family of SureShot RangeFinders pictured Below

Callawy Ai Smoke Driver

Ai Smoke MAX driver features a forgiving shape and adjustable perimeter weighting to deliver up to 19 yards of shot shape correction.

GolfersTrunk is a proud certified fitter for
Mizuno, Callaway & Tour Edge Golf

Odyssey putter

Odyssey's Ai-ONE urethane insert in the new putters delivers more consistent ball speeds, even from off-center hits, leaving putts up to 21% closer to the hole.

GolfersTrunk is dedicated to helping players of all skill levels get fitted for golf equipment that is best suited for their games. It starts with an analysis of a player’s swing and the amount of club head speed they are generating. This data driven synopsis helps GolfersTrunk to determine which is the best weight, flex and length of golf shafts that produce the ultimate ball flight for each player. From there, finding the right set of irons and woods based on one’s skill set will get each player ready to play their best golf. What’s in your Golf Trunk?

GolfersTrunk is a proud certified fitter for Mizuno, Callaway and Tour Edge Golf

Learn More About Us will deliver expert advice and will get you on track so your golf game gets better and better!

Golfers of all kinds drive around each day with their golf clubs tucked away in the trunks of their cars, or sport utility vehicles.
They want to keep them close just in case they have an extra 30 minutes to hit some golf balls at the driving range, or make some practice putts on the green. Keeping a set of clubs close gives you the sense that you could be ready to tee-it-up at any moment. knows the importance of having your set close by. And what is essential to every player’s game is to be sure that all the clubs in “your trunk” are the ones right for you.
So if the question is asked: “What’s in Your Trunk?” Do you know the answer? Are your sticks helping you be the best player you can be?

K e e p R e a d i n g  

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Do you live locally in Orlando or Winter Park, Florida?

We Offer Professional Services for Game Improvement


GolfersTrunk specializes in Discounted Pro-Line Golf Equipment, Personal club fittings and club repair.

We will help you find the right iron shaft for your game and the proper lie angles in order to mazimize your distance and performance.

Need your club re-grippied? we will pick up your clubs and have them re-gripped in 48 hours or less.

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Choose from the finest Products in the game!

Club Re-Gripping

Using the proper golf grip enhances playing comfort and helps lower scores. Use the Grip Selector to find your ideal golf grip.

Give us a call to have them put on and if we don’t have the grip you want in stock we can get it for you in 24 hours (minimum order of 12 grips for special orders).If you don’t know what size grips you need, we can help you with that too.


Featured Products offers these personal services to help Improve your game

Ever wondered what the distances were for each iron you use? How about if the loft of your driver is right for your game? can fit each player with the new state of the art Ernest Sports ES 14 portable launch monitor.

Ball Striking Analysis

Live Locally? can have your grips changed out for you in no time.

We offer the finest grips from the top grip companies

Golf Club Re-Gripping

Ever wonder why your putts come up short of the hole, or go racing by? Is your putting stroke delivering the most solid contact on the ball? Are you cutting your putts? Is the putter to short, or to long? We can help with those answers.

Putter Fitting

Having the correct lie angle on your irons can simply lead to better scoring. When the iron head is making flush contact with the golf ball the result will be more shots on line and more consistent play.

Lie & Loft Adjustments & Iron Fittings

Are You Ready to Improve Your Golf Game ?

Every Golfer has a swing that is unique that fits to their playing ability. GolfersTrunk wants your clubs to fit your needs.

Getting the right set of new clubs to fit your swing properly will help you improve your game. Do you already have a set but need adjustments? We do that too!

Call or email us today to schedule your fitting. Fittings are at NO COST if a club is purchased from us.

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